GAMMA places at Sherbrooke Tourny

GAMMA claimed a few places at the sherbrooke tourny yesterady.

Patricio Canles (sp), Johnathan Willis, Andrew Gainsbury and Didier Chairkov (sp) all entered the advanced no weight class and they all did very well. I'm proud to be training with these 4 mofo's :).

Francois Hache claimed 3rd in No-Gi -155 beginner (-18 months).

David Aguzzi claimed 1st in Gi and 1st in No-Gi -155 beginner(-18 months). He tapped out all 8 of his opponents he faced at the tourny. 6 of the tapouts coming in under 45 seconds.

How did Jonathan Willis do?

won his first match 5-4 againest Filbotte from Team Union and lost his second match by toe hold to Claveau. I thought he should have beatn Claveau.


Not only great at Jiujiutsu, but great competitors as well. Results regardless, the seasoned guys showed tons of heart and class, and that's far more impressive than shoulda coulda woulda anything.

Oops, forgot to thank Junior44 and everyone who ran the tournament, and the refs (Brent who, along with Phil, IMHO is raising the bar for tournaments in the province, and the other gentleman whose name I don't know), and all the competitors.

yes props to junior44 on the great tourny


Congratulations to all!

Rumor has it that David Aguzzi has a very good triangle!