GAMMA wins at UGC Tourny

FRANCOIS HACHE won the UGC grappling tourny, by what I heard he went through 4 opponents and even broke a guys wrist on a slam. Congradulations friend on the well deserved victory.


Congrats on the wins! (not on breaking someone's wrist, that's very unfortunate--hope they heal up fast and full)

The wrist was only injured, not broken. All in all a very good performance by Francois. Congratulations.

My wrist is not broken, only a big sprain, when Francois slammed me on the mat i got the guillotine choke and the weight of his body fell on my hand. Congrats Francois!!!

sorry for the wrist i hope you wont take to much time to go back to training

Congrats dude, you did well, especially against Reggie, who was a tough cookie.

id like to say thx to all my partner at gamma cuz they kick my ass all the time :)

and thx to dave aguzzi who i train with all the time

thx guys

That was hell of a slam man, that will teach Yanick to skip wrestling class :D

While i'm at it, tnx to Pat Langlais, Alex Calvo, Antoine Bonakazi(sp?) & my main man Ivan Menjivar for giving me though fights last afternoon. I had plenty of fun with you guys and i'd love to do it again.

Wrestling class is for fags :)

sorry for skipping wrestling classes, it starting at 8h30 pm and finish at 10Pm, i wake up at 5 am in the morning, that's why i'm not staying, besides training i have a life with a family that i have to take care.

No problem Crazyarmlock, i'll be back in a couple of days.

I was kiddin' !

btw, Firass made the wrestling class from 7 to 8:30 and 8:30 to 10 was only bjj for the last two weeks.

What happened to the muay-thai class at 7 pm?

It's Vale Tudo now...seperated between Muay Thai & wrestling

this means GAMMA has taken both UGC tournies they've been too


Get well Yannick!

Does anybody have footage of the grappling tourney/footage of

If so, I would be interested in getting a copy.



Yannick has. Sad he dosen't have his fight with me. It was pretty funny. Funky moves all over the place.

I know it's separated between muay-thai and wrestling...helloooooooo!!!! i 'm always there, but you said that from 7pm-8h30 it was wrestling and from 8h30-10pm it was BJJ, i only missed a week.

Congrats again and glad to hear the wrist is okay!

Yeah true...anyway...almost everybody missed last week because it was squeezed between two shows.