Gandalf vs Witch King

The added footage to Return of the King kicked ass (particularly the Mouth of Sauron), all except the face off between Gandalf and the Witch King. The Witch King shatters Gandalf's staff and knocks him to the ground. WTF, that never happened in the books! It seems like an attempt to make the arrival of the Rohirrim more dramatic, but I thought it made Gandalf look like a pussy. Gandalf is a Maia that single handedly killed a Balrog, a creature that even Sauron was wary of. In the books Gandalf holds off several Nazgul when he tries to find Aragorn and the hobbits (Aragorn sees lightning bolts in the distance at night). Why the hell would Jackson go the route of having Gandalf whimpering when they could've had a battle like Gandalf vs. Saruman?

you can see my points added on the thread in the OG.

Ah, excellent thread.

im gonna watch the EE tonight

i wanna see Saruman get PWNED

I had 3 bathroom breaks for the RotJ EE. When I watch all 3 EE's back-to-back, I'm keeping several empty milk cartons at hand so I don't have to pause the DVD player.

I had no love for the drinking contest scene in the green dragon.

I mean Gimli's comic relief but enough is enough.

I agree with Muad'Dib.

Good points about Gimli. In the books he had more helpful roles, such as fortifying the defenses at Helm's Deep and helping Gandalf navigate through the mines of Moria.

of all the characters in the LotR films i feel worst for Gimli. he was so dignified in the books, representative of a failing people, and they turned him into. . . well, "No one tosses a Dwarf!" Sad.

but Gandalf would have PWNED the Witch King, no doubt. haven't seen the extended RotK, but this makes it somewhat less likely.

NEWS JUST IN!!!!! my girlfriend just called me up and told me she is in the ROTK EE!

She went to the party before the oscars. They show a segment on the special features of the party and she's in the backround with a kind of feminine mohawk.
considering that shes the biggest LOTR fan I know, Im really happy for her.

naw man! I quit that shit!
I was jealous when she went through th meat grinder at a gwar show.
I was jealous when she got to go to the ocsar party.
but a DVD appearance is just plain cool.

Works for a chain of hip retail clothing stores. But its mostly because she has a knack for finding cool things to do.

"I thought it made Gandalf look like a pussy"

At least he ain't the one getting taking out by a hobbit and a human female. That might have been in the book, but it was weak as hell.

"At least he ain't the one getting taking out by a hobbit and a human female. That might have been in the book, but it was weak as hell."

read the book. it was badass in the book.

Any complaints I have with Gandalf v White King are minor. Once again, I feel the EE of RotK is top notch. One of the best trilogies in film.