Gane wants Francis Ngannou fight in Paris

“I’m going to rest a little bit because I started to prepare for camp in July of last year. Since then, I have continued every week to prepare a new fight, just fight-after-fight-after-fight,” Gane said to “I just want to rest a little bit and I have my wife due soon with my daughter. It complicates training camp a little bit but maybe the end of this year or the beginning of 2022. If it’s possible in France as well.”

As Gane mentions, he hopes the heavyweight title against Ngannou can be the first UFC event in Paris. Gane lives in France and Ngannou has ties to the country as well. With that, the Frenchman knows it’s the perfect fight for the UFC’s first experience in France.

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A whole new market. I imagine France would be more lucrative than pretty much any African country.

This would be amazing! Full circle potential passing of the torch.