Gangrel, what happened?

what's the story on him? why did he leave/get kicked out?

I heard he banged Sable

his music was awesome, the blood spewing thing was awesome (he should've spewed more blood on himself though), the fire, man

He banged a lot of hot chicks
I heard he bit Sable a little too hard and the WWE fired his ass on the spot

He was doing well in OVW then all of a sudden he and Luna were let go a weeks apart.

Gangrel and the Brood had a bad ass entrance.

kiss my ass, Gangrel rocked!

He's probably banging Sable again

yes, Gangrel and the brood were pretty cool, i still have his entrance music at home, i always wondered what happened to him too, i always assumed it was that the character just didnt have a long lifespan (hmmmm, umaga anyone?)

haha! yeh, i cant see the umaga character lasting too long, i just cant see any character to the guy. (im starting a thread on this...)

Gangrel has swollen up to the point he'd have a hard time passing as the Michelin Man.

Always liked Gangrel - and like a few have already said, his entrance music was awesome: "I won't stop til I see blood, I won't stop til I see blood...."


I thought he was pretty good. I guess chicks like the bad boys...

you just made that shit up it was Edge and Christian

hardyz were for a very short point.

didn't the hardy's go to the brood after turning on Doc Hendrix?

Gangrel is way better than this Kevin Thorne douche in "ECW".

"having a gimmick based off of White Wolf Role Playing games might have been a downfall for his career push."

That was vince's idea, though, no?

Gangrel and Vampiro should start a tag team somewhere

Luna got fired for attacking some random bimbo, I'm sorry, "DIVA" backstage. He was pretty pissed and basicly got himself fired.

He sucked, but he was ten times better than that douche in ECW.

I thought his wild/arm flinging style of wrestling was neat

THe Brood actually was and consisted of Gangral , Edge and Christian ... but the Hardy Boyz?

hardy's were the "new brood" replacing edge and christian.