Gangs of London

Anyone else discover this gem? Absolutely brutal and the fight scenes are badass

It’s like ‘The Raid’ and a British gangster movie had a baby.

Absolutely ridiculous plot but incredibly entertaining nonetheless.

What Steve said.

Yep. Brutal. Got through its first season. Not sure when or if a second. I believe it’s a when

Season 2 is coming. It’s in pre-production at the moment. Gareth Evans will only be producing season 2 and maybe directing an episode

He’s focused on making Havoc for Netflix starring Tom Hardy.

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No, but I watched The Guvnor movie the other night. It was damn good.

If you have not seen it, stop what you’re doing and school yourself.

GREAT show. I guess this show is part of why the youngest Shelby brother was killed off of Peaky Blinders.

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Did you watch the Guv’nor documentary, or the My Name is Lenny movie?

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Just finished. Great show.

The Guvnor
My Name is Lenny
Gangs of London