Garbrandt va Briones

Anyone else think briones has a decent chance to win? The dude is tough as shit and has some heavy hands, not to mention Garbrandt is pretty hittable. Or am I crazy? Phone Post 3.0

Anything can happen but I think Cody is the better fighter. Phone Post 3.0

Hoping Cody gets the W! #teamnolove Phone Post 3.0

Cody's up and coming but yeah he looked really hittable against Brimmage.

But TAM + opponent having only one UFC fight seems like a good recipe for a win

Cody G vs Aljamin Sterling is the fight to make Phone Post 3.0

Cody is absolutely the better fighter, much more technical in his striking. Briones is just tough and heavy Handed. Might be a good underdog. Phone Post 3.0

I think Garbrandt wins this