Garcia goes back to brawling with job on the line

Source: With UFC career on the line, Leonard Garcia goes back to brawling

I see Garcia getting cut. Max Holloway is a promising prospect, and I don't think Garcia has the skills to compete against him whether he's been technical or not. what u guys think?

Max holloway should win this fight but dana has always showed respect for fighters who come to fight leave it all in the ring and put on a great or lose Leonard is not going anywhere..dont get me wrong he has to start winning some fights. Its always a different thing when it comes to dana looks at the tito situation he had lost a shit load of fight and dana couldnt just cut him. Idk if it was a contract issue of just that tito did alot for the growth of the UFC that out of respect didnt cut him and let him leave on his own terms. You cant bite the hand that feeds you and tito and chuck both fed the UFC in many ways and visa versa. Phone Post

Garcia should try and take him down. It's a tough shot but Max doesn't have his grappling chops yet. Good take down defense tho Phone Post