Garcia just got a much tougher fight.....

He will now be fighting Max Holloway, As Cody McKenzie is out......I think Leonard is gonna get tuned up.......I don't think his reckless style is gonna do much against the accurate Holloway......Max by late TKO/KO……

Anyone like Garcia in this?

its hard to root for the guy. he got a gift decision in the first nam pham fight, and probably the first korean zombie fight too. hasn't had a decisive win in a while.

that being said, he's not a boring fighter

Garcia is the definition of a fighter having a punchers chance. Anyone who goes into a fight with him is going to have to actually win a fight. I am not saying I am taking Leo in this one, but regardless of what happens Holloway is going to have his chin testet.

Holloway will pick him apart. Garcia is game, but just too sloppy. Should be a great scrap, tho.

Garcia vs Jeremy Stephens in his 145 debut would have been better.

Garcia hits hard and will land something. But max is more rangey and has better pure boxing. Don't sleep on Garcia because of decisions he isn't to blame for. He's a warrior and bangs every time. Phone Post

Max will light him up but won't finish, Leonard is too tough