Garcia...Stay On the Bench!

I know six-year old girls who have a better arm than you!

Let TIMMAY!!! start.

As much As I love the 49ers and what garcia has done for the team, I agree that Tim should play...For one, he is healthy,he is Taller than Garcia, has a better deep ball and the offense right now is clicking around him.....Im torn between this, because I know Garcia is still good, but he hasnt been healthy all year and this has contributed to his struggles this year

I agree, untill he is 100%

"Green Bay is on a mission. San Fran is in the way."

Yup. On a mission for good draft picks.

If the 49ers play the way they have in the past 2 games, they will win...They can stop Ahmad Green.

Plz, f*cking leave Garcia on the Bench....

I cant watch him play anymore

LOL, ttt

I wish I had started him on my fantasy team over Hasselbeck this week. Fuck.

it was great if you were a 49ers fan...I loved watching it, especially after last weeks bullshit..The play of the game had to be when Garcia threw a 3yd TD to Owens...The amazing thing about it was that no one covered Owens...Only the Cardinals could make that mistake

I have no idea...But it was T.O.' s Birthday ..

Is this topic for real? Garcia stay on the bench? Wow, you guys need to realize how good he's been all year. If Rattay were in there all year he would have ended up like Patrick Ramsey. Jeff Garcia's ability to get away and make a play has saved what few games the 49ers have won this year. That line can't provide the protection for Rattay all year, he would get creamed in there! Like the Redskins did with Ramsey. Poor guy. Maybe Garcia would be able to throw downfield more if he had the time. Just something to think about.

12 tds 12 ints... thats good .....As a 49er fan I can tell u garcia has struggled mainly due to numerous injuries..I still believe in him, but I want the old Garcia back..

Im glad to see the Old garcia Back to his true form..It looks like that month off did it..Too bad Im already thinking about next year.The 49ers gave that game away to the bengals yesterday, but they have handed out a lot of presents this year, especially on the road..