Garden of Eden???

do any of you have any theories on where it is?

i have a weird theory(edited because i'm an idiot and spelled it therE lolol) that the pyramids in egypt hold a significant facture in the garden?!?!?!

Don't know Kempo, the Tigris and Euprhates are mentioned...some people think Africa and some people think Iraq or Iran...who knows?

yours in Christ


yeah i know!!! Just think it would be an amazing event to attempt to locate! seriously as a christian what anthropological find would you rather have noah's ark? the tomb of Christ or the garden of Eden?

now i know that the garden is gaurded by angels to keep man out but seriously how awesome would it be to die cause you tried to walkinto the garden and some angel wacked off you head with a spiritual sword? I'm getting overly stephen speilberg i know

I've heard theories that it's in like Turkey or somewhere middle east. Noah's ark would be the biggest I'd say.

Where it is or where it was. It's my understanding that it's gone. Sin transformed utopia and the Tree of Life is guarded by a cherubim.

Not a spiritual sword, a sword of living flame that turns every which way.

I've recently been led to believe it was in Jackson County Missouri.

dum dum dum dum

Saddam already messed it up.

theres a restaurant by my house..its called adam's garden of eatin'...they have good calzones.