Gardening 🗨

I am actually taking a tenant for the summer, only so I can leave and someone will water the garden.

The strawberries and tomatoes that went out to seniors are doing well but my stuff I did outside in the greenhouse twice was killed off. Between old seeds and cold wet start to the year I am hitting the fertilizers this week.

Also doing my garden more for seeds this year as seeds and availability is a issue again this year. Next year will be worse so starting my seed fridge.

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It was a kilometer of fence through forest.
We did it by hand in 2 days with 3 roughneck friends.



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There’s this stuff called irrigation. It’s pretty handy

Waters everything you want EXACTLY and adjusts for weather/temp.


Thats a nice rig

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I am still on hardscaping the property this year. I have 2 kilometers of irrigation at the farm. It gets done for free by my buddy who owns a irrigation company, it is his son who is going to be my tenant. lol He said he is not doing it for free this year. So next year it is.

Glad to see you run the rain sensor, so many folks here do not and you see them watering during the thunderstorm. lol


I’m interested in seed saving, but haven’t implemented it. The closest thing I have is coriander that reseeds and I spread it around. I like to grow a variety of things and cross pollination would be inevitable.

How do you decide to grow only one kind of tomato unless you have really wide spread gardens?

You can’t mix squash, tomatoes, peppers, corn, etc. if you want it to breed true.

I do enjoy seeing how volunteer tomatoes and squashes turn out. Last year I had a volunteer squash type plant that turned out to be a spherical cucumber. That was fun.


I do the pollination myself in the greenhouse usually but this year I am just growing one variety of each thing. Ones which I enjoy eating and know how to grow well enough.

Also should be setup for playing with Crispr finally this winter so …

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Please dont turn the grapefruit gay.


I’m all about reducing effort and automation.

At my remote property I shut off power to the well pumps when I’m not there because I don’t want a disaster.

Does the kind of automation you use also work with low pressure gravity fed stuff? I’ve been thinking about that.

I thought about putting in a system last year but it rained so much I never watered the inground gardens after I first planted them. The year before was very dry in august, so it can vary.

On average, we’re spoiled with water in my part of the North East.


Kinda… whenever working off a well or catchment system i install a booster pump/ pressure tank. The valves work best with a minimum 30psi for drip and higher for sprinklers.


Ah, I’m thinking about a raised water tank and some battery powered valves kind of a situation.

I could fill the tank when I’m there and be good for a week or two in the driest weather.

The first year I was at the property was super dry and got me thinking about this. The second year rained so much I only watered twice when I first planted.

What I really want is a gravity fed system controlled by batteries but wifi enabled that would let me control the watering schedule. That way I could adjust for rain. I haven’t seen anything like that yet.

We’ll see how this third year goes.




How deep do the raised beds usually need to be?

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Six to twelve inches.

Planning a Square-Foot Garden: Pros and Cons, Sample Plans | The Old Farmer's Almanac.


Wouldn’t be super hard to patch together a system like that, not too cheaply though.

I did this one year but used old milk crates, lined them with a weed preventing liner to keep the soil in the crate and cut holes on the sides.

Cheap and easy strawberry tower. You can grow at least 20 plants in the top tower and if you out towers below each tower can hole am additional 20 plants.

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Got some blueberries myself. Easy to maintain if you get yourself some aluminum sulfate to keep the pH down. Just need to be careful as some strains don’t self pollinate. I have 2 different kinds but one is slowly dying I’ll probably replace it next year.

I have Northland and Chippewa. I also have 2 raspberry plants as well. It’s nice cause end of season leave your 5 strongest canes and boom lots of raspberries the following year.

Do you have a staggered blueberry harvest with 6 plants?

Rabbits love to eat raspberries and blueberry plants though.

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I haven’t collected my own seeds and grown them yet to verify, but I think heirloom strains should breed true. If you want to grow hybrids, which admittedly have some great varieties, then you would have to be more careful with cross pollination.

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My wife got it. She said it’s a generic version The Green Stalk called Mr. Stacky. She likes it and wants a bigger one. Says it’s perfect for lettuce or strawberries.

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