Garett Davis makes the front page

Of the Telegram...

Good to see some Canadian fighters making the news, let alone the front page.

Good for Garett, been a long time since I rolled with him. Glad to hear things are going well for him.

ttt for a class act

In the club Garett is a killer but he was not having much luck once he got in the ring. He has really stepped up his game in the last year or so and has been on a tear. I am stoked to see him winning and I wish him all the best.

Good article.

Also, Const. Lisa Skinner happens to look like a very cute police officer.

^^^^^^^ I was thinking the same thing.

Garett's got skills, I know better than most:)


ttt for Lisa Skinner. She makes me want to get arrested.

Garett Davis is a great fighter and an awesome person .I would love to see him fight Cesaer Narrita at the next NFC.

TTT for Garett Davis VS. Cesar Narita in the next Elite show.

Garrett was one of my training partners for many years in vancouver and I know firsthand this kid is tough as nails. Great work ethic plus Newfie strength, he will go far.


Garett did a great seminar in Newfoundland. Class Act!!! He desreves any attention he gets...go pink, white, and green.

3 t's for the Newfie strength!!

TTT for Denis Kang VS. Ninja.
From original Team Kang Member.