Garlic Press Staph Remedy !

Hey Guys I just wanted to share a lifesaver remedy I just used.
I cut my knee open trying to roundhouse kick one of those punching meters. I got like 880 score but also fell on the metal under the machine and took a good chunk out of my knee. Long Story short I kept training with bandages on but it got weird a few days ago and all red and I knew it was staph. the itch was insane and then it started spreading. I dont have insurance and I also hate going to the emergency room since I have dealt with this 3 times on my own already with this treatment.
I took about 5 cloves of garlic and a garlic press and squeezed out the juice and small strains of garlic over the wound. I took a napkin and pressed the garlic in to the wound hard until I could feel the garlic going into my bloodstream. quite a rush but painful obviously. it burned the wound until it turned black within a few hours of continuing to put fresh garlic on the wound. the cool thing about the garlic press is it gets it ultra fine and the juice drips out as well. the finer the garlic the more potency you get. I also fine chopped about 10 cloves of garlic and ate it with cottage cheese which helps to purify your bloodstream. I avoided a trip to the ER and for the 4th I beat MRSA with Garlic. FUCK ANTIBIOTICS. I know there are times when u gotta go the ER but I am just sharing some science. its a proven cure. I should have taken pics but its pretty gross and not something I really want to remember later but I will have a scar for life. Doctors dont tell fighters about this shit and it pisses me off. even if you take antibiotics you can still use this remedy topical on the wound and eat it to improve your immune system. I also took echinacea. hope this helps for any one who has dealt with this it is hell.

What if youre a vampire? Phone Post

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here is a medical article that explains how to do it. Remember keep changing the dressing with fresh RAW garlic. Keep eating Garlic. The article says use a cotton ball. I prefer a paper towel folded into a square. and scotch tape. but let it breathe a little. ALSO very important dont eat sugar or red meat . Its really important to purify your system eat more veggies, V8 juice is great ! spinach , cauliflower and not a lot of meat or fried foods of sugar. Drink apple cider vinegar as well.

lol at "until i could feel the garlic going into my bloodstream". Bahahahahha

Get real garlic as well. Allacin, the active compound is severely lacking in the bleached out raggedy ass Chinese supermarket garlic. Phone Post

funny I was thinking the same thing when I was doing it. True Blood coming on tonight and I am sitting shooting up garlic. but it really left me wondering any doctors on here? I really think It would be healthy to inject garlic juice to purify your blood. anyone agree ?

french fries I dont understand where do u get real garlic?

hexrei I dont whats so LOL about " feeling the garlic". do me a favor if you have the time. price your finger with a needing and press raw garlic into that fucker and tell me you dont feel that shit coursing through your veins. are u insinuating that I was hallucinating? the shit burned my skin like hamburger meat how the fuck would it not have an effect on my bloodstream?

Vampires rarely get staph but when they do they use silver bullets to treat it. simply place a hollow point silver bullet into the wound until it singes your flesh and you smell raw burnt flesh.
all jokes aside another remedy i read about was colloidal silver anyone used this?

Yes I use colloidal silver. I turned a healthy blue color but GOLLY DID I FEEL STRONG

Open affected area with sterilized scalpel & insert leeches (Hirudo medicinalis)

Problem solved.

That plus maggots to clean out any dead flesh.

hood393 - french fries I dont understand where do u get real garlic?

 "real" as in fresh/organic/local, not that weird dried out gmo shit from china or over seas

hood393 - french fries I dont understand where do u get real garlic?
Locally grown is usually best Phone Post

Already said but leeches and maggots are your best bet. Don't get any more natural than that. Phone Post

googling local leech markets

cannabinoids have been proven to KILL MRSA staph, its in the JAMA

I used this before too :-) Phone Post