Garnett = MVP

1 assist shy of a triple-double vs. the sixers, he won them that game on both offense and defense.

He's also blocking shots like crazy this season. Adding Sprewell and Cassell means they can have Garnett play the zone nearer to the basket, he doesn't have to guard perimeter players so often.

Though whenever I see Garnett play, I always think that if he did all the shit he does in the high post in the low post, he'd be even better.

Spree and Cassell are a huge help too though.

I think this year he should get it, even though those toher guys are helping, he is still the FACTOR. I think Duncan is still the real MVP because I don't see the spus doing shit without him him but I would like to see KG get it. He has been a great talent, hard worker and excellent rep for the NBA

Jackass - he is having a great season but not an MVP, sorry

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garnett is the MVP. he was last year imo and he is this year

Duncan deserved it last year by a long shot, but Garnett is my pick for the first half of this season.

Go Grizzlies!

"Duncan deserved it last year by a long shot,"

By a long shot? Come on. I think Garnett deserved it last year.

Duncan had a team of misfits who pretty much equalled Garnett's team in every way. Duncan ended the season with the better record and then Duncan carried his team to a championship. So no I don't think Garnett should have got the nod last year. This year his new star cast is helping to make for a very very tough team and short of the Spurs passing his team in the their division then I'm sure he will walk away with the MVP.

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lol, he should have played more in this series. :)