Garry Tonon fights today. Streaming worldwide

Tonon could fight 4 times today.

EBI starts at 4pm Pacific Time.

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Thank you for the support! Phone Post 3.0

If people haven't seen EBI yet, they really should. Great sub only format. Puro Eddie Bravo! Phone Post 3.0

Tonon is leading the way for the New Gen grapplers. Really fun to watch.

How many participants? Phone Post 3.0

Looks like a great event Phone Post 3.0

Here is a a picture with participants:

David Olofsson - Here is a a picture with participants:

Can't wait to watch these matches. I just spent all afternoon rewatching EBI 2 and both tournaments were incredibly entertaining. I especially love the pacing of these shows. Not a lot of filler, and they immediately move on to the next match.

One suggestion that I would like to see production wise is for them to put up the 16 man bracket after every match showing who won and moved on. I'm unfamiliar with a lot of these lesser known grapplers and it would help keep track of who I'm currently watching and what matches I can look forward to later on in the event.

Damn, I thought he was actually fighting. :( Phone Post 3.0

Stoked to see some sick sub only action. Not as familiar with a lot of these guys, can anyone give me a rundown on the favorites besides Tonon plz?

Tonon's a BEAST! Phone Post 3.0

All of the matches were great. I have to admit, the streaming service wasn't the best. I paused the event for a few minutes and when I resumed, it cut off the last few minutes. It was almost as if it killed the whole stream when the event was over and I couldn't go back and re watch the end. A huge let down in that regard.

Some of the most amazing submission grappling though! Phone Post 3.0

bought it earlier in the day..lots of heel hooks and guilotines! Phone Post 3.0

Eddie, have you ever rolled with Garry? Can you share your thoughts? Phone Post 3.0