Garth made me cry.

I know I am a blue and should be able to post this. But I have not done it before and just wanted to get this up.

If someone would be so kind. It's worth the look.



  here you go bro

Dusty as hell. Phone Post 3.0

VU thanks

For some reason I expected it to be something about Garth from Waynes World.

I think that's Chris Gaines.

that was awesome VU bro thx

Amazing Phone Post

The beer will chase those tears away.

Thanks for posting Phone Post 3.0


Posted this earlier this morning. Was at the show, pretty awesome.

It was very sweet what he did. Also damn Garth still has a amazing voice.

Passive Jay -

For some reason I expected it to be something about Garth from Waynes World.

Came here expecting the same Phone Post 3.0

Agent Kruger - 

God damnit Garth....cutting onions in my living room and shit.


I've never been much on country, but my dad took me to a Garth concert in Baton Rouge when we had very little money. He saved up for a while and got us seats right near the front. This was right when Calling Baton Rouge was hot, place went crazy. Awesome feeling. Since then, I've acquired every Garth Brooks song ever made and remain a fan of the man. I've seen and read about him doing great things. I'm hoping to take my son to one of his shows, just as my dad did with me.

Same. I'm not a country fan but I got taken to a GB concert as a kid and was blown away with Tue show. Been a fan ever since, by far the greatest performer I have ever seen. He doesn't even need to sing at his shows cause the entire crowd sings every song.

I hate country music, but who cares...that was awesome.


Beautiful stuff and beautiful song. Good find, OP Phone Post 3.0

I was at this show. Sitting probably 30 feet from this lady. It was dusty as hell in there. Phone Post 3.0

For later Phone Post 3.0