Gary fighting Chief Jay Strongbow!

This is ridiculous. First Briggs chickens out, then for some reason tre is not fighting either. And waht do we get for the fight I was most looking forward to in the K-1 show tomorrow night? Some nobody who looks like a sad imitation of the old "Jules and jay" days in the WWF. Check out the guy's picture on MMA Weekly. The truly sad thing in all of this is that I will end up ordering this sad-assed card anyway because I am such a fight junkie.

Jeez,how old is Strongbow nowdays?

Wahoo is no longer with us,RIP.

I recall watching the AwA as a kid, and watching Chief Jay Strongbow JUNIOR come to the ring to Whitesnake's "Here I go Again".

"...then for some reason tre is not fighting either..."

Tra took the fight and it was a done deal, but then K-1 wanted some information really quickly and it was physically impossible to get it to them as fast as they wanted.

That guy is 100 times the fighter Bob Sapp is.

Thanks for the info about tra...I think that would have made the night much more worth it for me. I do admit that the fight was entertaining, if short. The rest of the card was really weak, though.

Ah, 'Jr.', that makes sense.