Gary Wright/ TJ Grant KOTC (Vid)

I just saw that someone posted up the Gary Wright vs TJ Grant vid on Youtube.

This was for the Canadian King of the Cage 170lb belt.

The video quality is terrible and the commentary can be a little annoying. It's better than nothing though :)

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

ugh, that was horrible quality (you can barely see what's going on) and that girls voice made me want to stick fire ants in my ears. :)

I'd wait for a better copy.

I figure this is the only copy we'll ever see.

You can find these vids in our favourites section, as well as the Gary Wright vs Myles Merola Fight here:



I guess we'll have to wait until it airs on TSN.

HAHA great quality VID...but one question what did I ever do to be called a CUNT in the 3rd??? LoL that girl sure doesnt like me.

Congrats to gary wright...we will meet again



Someone needs to dub some rap music over top of those videos.

For now I highly recommend everyone turns down the volume when watching this fight

I tried to watch but gave up. Great fight guys! TJ, that arm lock  in the 3ed, was tight!!!1

ttt for a great fight........and someone please get TJ a green name, the guy is a warrior and has earned it.

when will this be televised?

TJ you're not a cunt don't worry I'll vouch for that....and yes he should have a green name!!

TJ I will be home in a few days, I dont have transportation but I will be making it out to Fitness plus as much as possible and I will be bringing my gear down to train too. Make sure you practice that double leg ya fuck I will need some good training before my tourney in Alberta on the 26th......You'll get Wright next time man good job.

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for your entertainment.. atleast nobody called me a cunt :)

LOL at cunt!

Basso, that's not true, I was screaming CUNT at you at the top of my lungs! :)

Thats a nice KO for Hinchcliffe! Nice finish. That guy is on a roll!