Gas prices to hit $6 a gallon, here’s why according to market watch

“ President Biden’s recent letter to refiners to complain of high gasoline prices is the only positive action he can take on behalf of consumers.”

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Damn Putin.


I said $8 by midterm Election Day. I hope I’m wrong.

Thank god he saved us 17 cents last Fourth of July. I’ve been good with investing that money and now it’s worth 10 cents due to market conditions, 9 with inflation.

This administration is just fantastic.


Inflation is good for the cargo shorts / sandals and socks wearing peasants. To find out why, click here. (insert MatBattle. com link)

The country is falling apart and this goof is writing stern letters. To whom? Matlock?
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Paying $2.25/Litre for Diesel in Australia currently. Think that’s close to $9/gallon.
Was $1.02 only 12 months ago.

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the pants crapping senile kid toucher in chief just yelled at gas station owners to lower the prices lol

whatever you do, dont expand supply lol

dumbest voters on the planet


Fucking retard is President.

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Please sit down before you read this. Stay calm and breath, because I don’t want to cause you any undo stress.

It was only a 16 cent savings

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I paid 6.04 yesterday. That’s for 91 octane. Been commuting by motorcycle and it’s only about 30 miles a day which is tolerable.

I do feel like theres less vehicles on the road, which is one upside during rush hour at least. The Thanos perspective I suppose.

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I almost hope that is the case. The house would be 400-135.

Dems are going to get slaughtered in the midterms. It’ll be glorious to watch.