Gas Tax

Our fearless hero is working to stop the gas tax to “fix” the gas price issue. The crying 3 year old in all of use will be happy as shit. The grown up in use will quickly realize that without the tax revenue, there will be a huge gap in money. It’s like paying rent with your car payment money. Then paying your car payment using your electric money and so on.

Don’t lie to us and “fix” problems that will ony cause later problems. This is not an act of being a hero…which they will claim.

Fucking clown show world!


Its absolutely comical that they are even suggesting this. It almost feels like his administration is full of peoppe that make retards look like geniuses.


You all don’t understand the nuance of politics.

By bringing in less money in taxes, the government will have to borrow and print more money, causing more inflation. So in the future when you’re paying more for gas, you can take comfort in knowing that those dollars are worth less than before

umm…pretty much the point I made

If there’s a decision to be made it seems like this administration will make the dumbest one possible, fucking morons.


Would dropping all interstates to 55 MPH work?

For us who drive long distance on the interstate…fuck off. I mean that in the nicest way and hope nothing but the best for you.

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