Gasoline additives. TME/TMA

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Project Farm. A few years ago he did some videos on Sea Foam after adding it into the gas tank of an old truck and the results were really good. I kept that in the back of my mind but have never put any type of cleaner additives. Now that I have not just a car to look after but also a riding mower and a couple of small engine equipment (wood chipper, leaf blower, maybe a dedicated brush wacker in the future) I’m more conscious about wanting to keep their engines in good working shape.

I know with the small engines I should try to use ethanol free gas and add Stabil to the gas if I’m going to store it for months. But what about cleaning additives to the gas for the car and riding mower every once in a while like Sea Foam, and should that be added to the gas for the small engines as well? What should those additives be and on which engines to use them and which not to use them? What should be the frequency of adding those stuff?

What say you OG?

I’m a believer in seafoam and I only run premium fuel in all my small engines. My 20hp merc gets an extra 3km/h with premium and it starts first push every single time. I run seafoam first and last tank of the year at minimum.


Big fan here as well. Just did a quick carb clean on a 40 year old Yamaha kicker that would not run the other weekend. Loaded a bunch of Seafoam in the tank after, it smoked like hell and then ran like a champ. I use it quite a bit, I have a bunch of old gear.