Gatti PPV?

I'm curious, is the Gatti/Leija fight PPV in the US? I know a lot of times a fight will be free in the US but PPV in Canada.

The fight is 39.99 in Canada. Ridiculous. Who the fuck is gonna pay that?!?!??!???

right now its scheduled to be on PPV, if the fight even happens

"if the fight even happens "

what do you mean?

PPV in Canada only. Regular HBO in the USA.

Anyone willing to Paltalk it (with video) or netmeeting or something like that?

Somebody hook us poor Canadians up eh!

I went and saw it at a bar.

well in order for the fight to even happen, gatti needed to get past leija tonight which he did. but mayweather also has criminal charges he is up against and reportedly gatti's people and HBO weren't too happy with the drawing power of mayweather last weekend