Gatti vs Ward documentary

Not sure if this has ever been posted before and I realize there is a boxing forum, but figured I would post this for anyone who hasn't seen it. Fantastic documentary on the best trilogy in combat sports.

Thank you very much for this....

Amazing doc with me youtubing more on these two great fighters.

In reference to the Irish, Irish Americans, and Conor Mcgregor .... this almost solidifies the notoriety and fame.

Micky Ward was not born in Ireland, he was of Irish ancestry. Like more than a million people are around the world.

Whether its a 5th, a quarter, half or full, this country (USA) was full of Irish Immigrants that built railroads with the chinese, built ships and buildings with the british and drillied oil and water wells with the african americans.

The Irish were used to having nothing and still working to make the next day. That has to be one of the reasons why Conor is so damn popular. Not because he wears suits and talks like sometimes an asshole, but he represents someone and something to look up to and have a reason to respect your lineage, because if you ask everyone at your local starbucks or wherever, the majority of the people around you will tell you they have Irish in them ( not literally).

ahhh I don't want to rant any further, but look at the history of he Irish, a proud and noble ( not always), band of celtic warriors that at the end of the day, support their own.

Stupid but just an example, when House of Pain or Everlast came out with Jump Around, an Irish based hip hop and pop music group, all the kids in my school all of the sudden found their Irish roots and started wearing Notre Dame gear.

Micky Ward did that for the locals and Nation, Arturo Gatti solidified it by making him his best and most memorable friend.

Great Vid.



Glad somebody here enjoyed it at least!! Lol Phone Post 3.0

It was awesome bro thanks! VU

Will watch, thanks Phone Post 3.0

The sound fucks up at the end unfortunately, but it's only a couple minutes Phone Post 3.0

Love those 3 fights Phone Post 3.0

There is a documentary on that link that has 3 parts on Gatti's death and the investigations. Definately worth looking at.

The wife clearly has that look of the Iceman Kuklinksy, no emotion and able to act for the camera.

I wonder what the update is on his estate. Did she ever get the whole money bag?

I read Ward's book a year or so back, pretty good. Thanks for posting this.

I generally think Jim Lampley is an insufferable cunt, but seeing him tear up in this makes him seem a little less of an asshole Phone Post 3.0

I agree Mayor. Larry Merchant strikes me the same..... he's just getting old so I let it slide.

In to watch later. Phone Post 3.0

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Just saw Micky at the gym this morning - hey Tommy Gunnz, you put in some good work last night!

Micky is one of the most sincere guys you'll ever meet. Arturo and Micky shared a bond few people will ever be able to appreciate.

I feel like I've been friends with Micky for 20 years after watching that documentary. Gatti was my favourite fighter growing up in Montreal, I thought it was so cool when he turned to Micky to train him. Phone Post 3.0


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VU Phone Post 3.0