Gauntlet Arcade game

Does this game have an end? I have this game for PS2 as part of the Midway Arcade Treasures game. A friend and I played up to level 50 but had to quit at that point.

I seem to remember the NES version had levels up into the 90's but I am not sure.

Does the Arcade version have an end?

yeah, I'm sure it has an end... it is out for consoles and I watched one of my roommates beat it

Gauntlet is a game dear to my heart:

The arcade version has no ending.

The NES version has 100 levels and when you beat it you get the message "VICTORY IS YOURS"

"The arcade version has no ending."


What a rip off!!!!!

I can only imagine all of those quarters spent, all for nothing!!!

Does it restart like XMEN arcade did or what?

"The arcade version has no ending." -spg

Do you know this for sure?