GAWD Darn A&E specials

So the biggest dickhead at my work stops me on my way out tonight and says " Hey Dude, have heard of Tickson Gracie, He is supposed to be some bad ass I saw him on the A&E channel last night. Is that the stuff you do?"

I stop and say "its Rickson and yes I train in that but he is a bad dude isnt he??"

He responds with " Yeah but they showed this Ninja stuff that was just incredible". I say " Um huh well Jiujitsu is the real deal"

He responds with " well obviously you are way biased becasue the show was about how ninjas know a death touch and are much deadlier than Jiujitsu guys".

national geographic channel, IMO

Next time he stops you, pull out a pen, and stab it through his cheek...Should solve the problem.

Let us know if it works.

i heard that it takes 50-60 years for the death touch to do in it's victims

only death touch that works is when some drunk fat oldie grabs your nuts when you are out dancing..., my gear still doesn't work properly..., just imagine if she was properly trained...

Art if you knew me you would take me seriously too. When I walk around I punk all the lil bitches at work. I wish you worked with me so I could make sure you knew the deal also.

My fear is this dude is learning the Dim Mak to exact some kind of revenge later. I will be watching his hands from here on out.