Gay guard moosy sauce twitter?

Idk. A buddy just told me someone wrote on gay guards twitter or Facebook or something cute Phone Post 3.0

Stupid is as stupid does Phone Post 3.0

Hahaha fuck you spell check...

Damn I tried to exit b4 posting

But basically someone called gay guard a homo for losing.

Gay guard comes back and basically says "you're mother is a whore for raising a son like you. Go kill youreself"

I lol'ed and came straight here to post..

Hope don't get flamed for no real info lol Phone Post 3.0

Pretty good comeback. Now he'll get cut.

gay moose guard saucy

WFA? Phone Post 3.0

Tiresias -
Jambo888 - 

hah its funny because his name sounds like that




Tyrese, you fuck

Love you man Phone Post 3.0