GAY guy and his Female BFF act up on TRAIN

i was on the train to North Hollywood and came across one of those very loud flamboyant gay man + Female best friend duos that are so common here.


you could tell they were high on club drugs and they were harrassing this other man and woman.  as i get a closer look, the man that the Gay guy and his female best friend are harrassing is obviously blind and has his hand on the shoulder of the woman who was his guide.


this coked out Gay man and his  female best friend are fucking with the poor blind guy, tugging at his female human guide, yelling that she is the gay man's sister....just totally fucking with them for no good reason....trying to confuse and disorient them both


the gay man and his female best friend got off at the stop before mine so i went over to the blind dude and his guide to ask if they were OK


the blind guy apparently is a big wig with the Vatos and thanked me for the help, but that he and his boys would "Take care of that faggot and his female friend" gangland style.


The gay guy's female friend dropped her cell phone before they got off the train and this Vato is going to trace where they live and fuck em up


Karma, i guess


it's like rainnnn...on a subway train

it's a free riiiiide...when a cholo looks you in the face

lol! <3

thanks hun!

Who woulda thought? It FIGUURRRRRRRES




6 Late Hammerfists -

I look long and hard every day for an excuse to beat up a gay or a chick, I'm so pissed I wasn't with you on that train today

Your name is very appropriate and you deserve a vote up.