Gay Italian Gets Covid, Monkey Pox & HIV Simultaneously After Spanish F*ck Fest

This is in the Dog Owned By Gay Couple Gets Monkey Pox in Its Ass thread, but deserves appreciation all on its own

Hope everything turns out ok for spjackson


Researchers in Italy have reported the first known case of someone testing positive for monkeypox, COVID-19 and HIV at the same time. All three infections were new and followed a short trip to Spain.

The patient, a 36-year-old Italian man, developed fever, a sore throat, fatigue, headache, and an inflammation of the groin area about 9 days after returning from a 5-day trip to Spain, during which he had sex with men without a condom.

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Let’s keep celebrating, accepting and enabling them! In fact, how about a 2nd pride month?


HIV isnt detectable for like 6 months isnt it?

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If only he would have wore a mask.


Just douse it with some alcohol. Should do the trick.



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Did anyone tell him he can just put a bandaid on his sores and jump back into the pile ?. .

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IDK why that made me laugh so hard. Thanks man ha ha

A german gay guy has his nose rotting off b/c he has syphilus, hiv and monkeypox.

theres a special place in hell for these faggots


Dam, these gay guys know how to fucking party. Yah, aids, covid and fagpox suck, but that had to have been a memorable week of reaming out other guys assholes!

I shouldn’t judge. I just met a fat chick tonight, first time. She said no sex so we met a park… with a baseball game going just beyond a thin line of trees. Yeah I banged her raw outside from behind on a table with the game playing. WTH. Fuck we can stupid when sex is involved ha ha

At least I won’t get Monkey Pox and HIV. But damn. She wasn’t worth the risk. At least I can say I banged a random chick with a baseball game nearby and cars passing bye!

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You’ll probably get herpes she probably said no sex cause she had a outbreak.

Oh well hope it was worth it


I’ll know in two weeks ha ha. Post nut clarity can hit hard, I tell you. I don’t feel so good right now.

Though post nut clarity is not for gays as they clearly do multiple orgies every damn month! Insane

Bros, i banged a gay Italian guy the other day while on vacation. AMA!!!

I imagine balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling when he got positive tests for those three. It’s like hitting a jackpot.