Gay nurse: how would you feel...

Here's the very real scenario,

you are bedridden, almost unable to move.

your nurse is a very gay male nurse.

the nurse has to wash you, head to toe and install an external urinary condom:

how would that make you feel?

what do you do? (if anything)

If he blew me, I wouldn't be able to stop him, so not gay.

Better him than an attractive woman wiping my ass

Gay men are very fastidious

I would feel insulted if he didn't try to give me a blow job.

Sounds like a sinister plot thought up by the likes of jinx thx.

Who said I even think you're hot?!?!? Phone Post 3.0

The guy's just doing his job. I would only care if he crosses a few specific boundaries. Like, no smiling allowed while he's handling my junk.

If you are in that state. I dont think he would be into you. Phone Post 3.0

Not gay if you can't resist.

I'd ask for at least a handy. Phone Post 3.0

Why does it matter?

Non gay male RN. Phone Post 3.0

Depends if I get a boner. If I get one its inappropriate.. Phone Post 3.0

Fan of fanboys - I agree with alphaslap. Giving my awful situation I'd rather a gay guy than hot chick. Embarrassing to have her wipe my ass and see my junk in a situation like that (where I imagine it is post pool length) Phone Post 3.0
This. Phone Post 3.0

oh, and I need to add:

the male nurse is a touchy feely kind of guy, he likes to touch you when talking to you and dive straight in your bubble whenever he talks to you.

Dude I don't give a shit. If they do there job right. Who cares. Phone Post

Like I shouldn't make eye contact.

Go back the next day and get him to double check!

Penetration Skills - um, is dying not a choice?

How old are you? Phone Post

I got my eyes on you, Focker. Phone Post

Lol Phone Post 3.0

I'm going to slap my boner on the old ladies cheek in a few seconds. Phone Post 3.0