GB BJJ Nov 18th Tampa Tournament

2nd Gracie Barra Tournament Saturday, November 18th

Cost $35 for all participants

GI Only

Registration begins at 8 am Register online at

Competition begins at 10 am

1st Children, 2nd Women, 3rd Men

Children's groups: ages 8-10, 11-13, 14-16 (Medals for children)

Women's group: 1 division, one level, no weight classes (Medals for women)

Men: There will be three weight classes: 169 and below, 170-195 and 196 and up.

There will be three belt divisions: White, blue and purple\brown (Medals only)

There will be an Absolute division for Men. First place Absolute Men winners will receive an Atama gi plus a medal, 2nd and 3rd Medals only Phone--727-204-9731 Eduardo or 727-726-3864 Mike Geery, (