GCM Cage Force was a cool promotion.

Cage Force was that Japanese promotion that used a cage and unified rules and put together tournaments where the winner was supposed to get picked up by the UFC. I really like this approach to developing talent, especially in places where the unified rules are not the norm. Cage Force sent Takeya Mizugaki and Yoshiyuki Yoshida to the UFC as tournament winners and let Okami get some cage fights before coming over. Everyone loves tournaments, and a shot at the big show seems like it would be great incentive for a smaller promotion to put a talented field together. TUF is fine, but I'm one of those people who fast forwards to the fights. Bellator is cool, but this model seems better to me because tournament winners aren't stuck as a B rate champ who gets to fight twice a year. I would be stoked if another promotion like this popped up in Brazil or Russia.

Mizugaki tearing it up in Cage Force:

You are a true fan

Agreed! It was an awesome event Phone Post 3.0


Thanks, Rick.

Agreed. Good promotion. The GCM grappling promotion was good as hell too.

I loved Cage Force. GCM tripped me out when I saw a cage fight in Japan. Phone Post 3.0

I'm glad that Vale Tudo Japan, DEEP Cage and the new Pancrase Bayside Fights are giving Japanese fighters the chance to compete with the unified rules or at least closer to them.

GCM Cage Force was cool. It's where I first remember watching Dan Hardy compete among others. Phone Post 3.0

Mizuto Hirota was a Cage Force vet too. I remember downloading events and seeing him fight there prior to making his Sengoku run and eventually destroying Kitaoka for the belt.