Geek Professions

What are some typical geek professions? By this I mean professions that can contain a high ratio of geeks.

My partial list:

  1. Game designer (the penultimate geek profession)

  2. Game programmer

  3. Game artist

  4. Comic book writer/artist

  5. UNIX Admin

  6. Electrical Engineer

Visual FX artist


Concept artist

Traditional FX artist


Background artist

I am an Electronic (not electrical) Engineer.

me and my geek friends professions

1.sonic drive in hut

3.telemarking centers during late 90s

5.convienent stores graveyard shift

6.temp agencies theaters

  1. anything else that dosnt require discipline

yep a the manager at the local one is my friend the anarchoism reanactor geek and he just hired some one he knows from the society to clean tables but he is also skilled in viking sword skills as well as franco-medieval weaponry