GeForce 6800 reviews

GeForce 6800 Ultra Previews (HARDWARE)
By Brian Neal
Wednesday, April 14, 2004 3:26 PM EDT
The previews are starting to roll in for the NV40-based GeForce 6800 Ultra. We'll have more details as they become available. Here's a list of previews:

That thing is a beast.

lol @ the pic

It takes up an AGP slot AND a PCI slot.

Radeon X800PRO will beat NV40 Ultra

X800XT ends up even faster

By Fuad Abazovic: Monday 19 April 2004, 12:19

WISE BIRDS tell us here in Vienna that ATI and at least some of their knowledgeable partners don't feel so bad about NV40 Ultra. Even though the NV 40 Ultra, Geforce 6800 Ultra is a very fast card that outperforms everything else on planet for the time being, the ATI next generation chip might end up even faster.
The canaries are singing that 12 pipelines, 475MHz/950MHz card with 96 bit precision and PS 2.0 shader only will end up faster then 16 pipelines, 400MHz /1100MHz cards with 128 bit precision and PS 3.0 shader model.

ATI knew for some time it would lose out feature wise, but stays committed to bring the faster technology, without some of the extra features.

The R400 card - now renamed to R500 - has support for all these nice features but got postponed but that is the chip with 128 bit precision and PS 3.0 support from ATI. Until that chip dawns, later this year at the earliest, ATI stays PS 2.0 and 96 bit precise only.

But Nvidia seems to be keeping some of its powder dry too. We hear about some faster NV40 chips that Nvidia is saving for later. ยต


This means I may be able to afford a kicking video card now.

ya we should see some serious price drop mid May

yep, on the back is two power adapters LOL