Gegard manager-Weidman loss shouldn?'t be appealed

Gegard Mousasi’s manager, Ivy League-educated attorney and Alchemist Management co-founder Nima Safapour, appeared recently on the Luke Thomas Show on SiriusXM Rush, and discussed the controversial end to the UFC 210 co-main vs. Chris Weidman. ‘The All American’ took a legal knee to the head, and couldn’t remember what month it was, so the fight doctor stopped the contest. Unfortunately, referee Dan Miragliotta initially stopped the fight not because he thought Weidman was out but because he mistakenly believing Weidman was supporting his weight on his hands which would make the knee illegal.

Weidman’s camp intends to contest the decision; Safapour is not impressed. However, the manager addressed the issue with respect and dignity, hallmarks of the martial arts.

“This is the truth – we think the world of Weidman and his team, I really do,” he said. “I come from the Renzo family tree in Jiu-Jitsu. My teacher is Ralph Gracie. Renzo was my teacher for three years. Ray Longo is one of the nicest guys you can meet. And who doesn’t like Chris Weidman?

“However, on this issue, we have to respectfully disagree with those guys. … I’ve listened to Ray. I’ve listened to Matt Serra. I listened to what Weidman had to say after the fight.

“Their position as we understand it – they’re really focused on what the referee did, and ultimately how the commission positioned it at the end by granting the TKO.”

“The one thing that continues to confuse me is why then was Chris Weidman making comments about his ability to go on, by saying things like he thought it was February instead of April? … There’s a certain point in this whole fight where the fighter also has to take a certain amount of responsibility for the outcome.

“If it’s April and you’re telling the officials that it’s February, and you’re telling them you don’t know what day it is, then I have to ask myself why? The first reason, which we all want to believe, is that he was telling the truth, and being forthright. And if that is the case, then he should not continue to fight, because he is concussed.”

“Even though Dan [Miragliotta] stopped the fight because he thought there was an illegal knee, it turns out he stopped the fight because … it was the right time to stop it because the man is concussed due to legal knees.

“The other [potential] reason is what we don’t want to discuss, because we think the world of Chris Weidman, is because maybe he was saying this because – I don’t know if this is the case, I’m just saying it is the only other conclusion I can come up with – maybe he was saying that because he was trying to play with the rules, and he did, in fact, know it was April and not February, and he was trying to get Gegard Mousasi disqualified despite the fact that he was fine.

“So the reality is, if you’re concussed you shouldn’t continue and it was a good call with the TKO. If you weren’t concussed and you were trying to get the man disqualified, then, with all fairness, despite the fact that we really respect him, he got what he deserved. Because you’re trying to play with rules and you have to be prepared for the consequences of what can happen when you do that.”

The fight was the last on Mousasi’s contract. Safapour also said the fighter wants to fight in the UFC, the UFC wants Mousasi to fight in the UFC, so he is confident they can come to fair terms.

He couldn't have said it any better than that.

That's a logical mofo right there 

Gegard for the win



100% right and said it with respect to all involved

Couldn't agree more. I've literally been saying the exact same thing, for the last week.

Weidman would of been so much better off taking it on the chin, said his congratulations to Mousasi but explained his side and graciously accepted Mous's offer of a rematch. Personally i was fine with the finish, but there undoubtedly IS controversy so it makes sense to go again given neither is fighting for the belt in the foreseeable future. 

The way Weidman has acted has made him look weak. 

The only thing I'd add was Weidman was maybe trying to get a a point deduction instead of a DQ

Weidman not knowing the month certainly removes a lot of the controversy around the ending. You can't tell a doctor that and expect to continue fighting.

My sentiments exactly.

Longo and Serra both know this and won't admit it. It's why they cling to the deperate angle of saying the ref should stick to his decision, even if it was clearly wrong and easily fixed (thank god it was).

JoseyWales - The only thing I'd add was Weidman was maybe trying to get a a point deduction instead of a DQ

A point deduction is the result of intent, not damage.

There is only one thing that will result from extreme damage from a foul and it's not a point being deducted.

Plus Chris said himself at the presser that he thought he was going to get the win from an illegal knee.

As professional a response as you could ask for.


Yup Safapour stated it perfectly.