Gegard Mousasi leaves M-1 Global

Man, what took him so long. I wonder how much he had to pay to get out from under the thumb of the Russian Mob?

 I'd say it's a forgone conclusion that  he will land in the UFC.

He was getting screwed bigtime by M-1 anyway. Did you know that his contract stated that he would only fight on the same cards as Fedor? No more, no less.

ya, I heard that as well. Alexander, Fedor's brother, left M-1 as well. Hell he even called them a bunch of crooks. They remind me of all the hanger's on that surround boxers. I read that after the Affliction fiasco, Dana submitted an offer to Gerard, and his agent lied to him, and told him the UFC didn't call. I bet after talking to GSP and Jackson's camp, he realized he is getting screwed. Gerard even said in an interview that he has never trained with Fedor, and really doesn't know him that well.

he wont land in the UFC for a bit...and who is aleksander to call a crook? haha

Death holding a baby has always freaked me tfo. Lol, those prison tats are for leg breaking not stealing. Lol.

ElCid - Death holding a baby has always freaked me tfo. Lol, those prison tats are for leg breaking not stealing. Lol.

supposed to be baby jesus or some shit...he has so many prison tats...dude is a badass

did anyone see his boxing match? that was pitiful and his last mma fight was awful as well...i imagine he doesnt train anymore

back to the mousasi talk....i say he wont join the UFC anytime real soon because he still has 1 more strikeforce fight, 4 Dream fights, and a few kickboxing fights under japan contracts usually go 4 fights or 2 years whichever comes first...but he can get the Dream fights over in 1 GP

He has a fight with King Mo, and has already said he is entering the Lt. Hwgt. Grand Prix. Maybe the Dream NYE show will be his last. This time next year.

he still has some kickboxing bouts....take time to negotiate a contract...Then a couple months to prepare for a fight

i figure it will be awhile

First off...I hate M-1 as much as the next person..however...

Listen or read the Gegard interview about dropping M-1. He wanted a life securing deal like Fedor had with M-1 but they turned him down. That is the ONLY reason Gegard left M-1. Gegard will not end up in the UFC yet as he has a 7 fight contract with Strikeforce that allows him to fight in Japan and do as he wishes. Gegard will NOT give that up for UFC until further down the road. Mousasi likes to fight in multiple promotions and to have freedom and has stated many times he will not go to the UFC until closer to age 30 because they limit you in contract in too many ways. If Mousasi had his way he would have a long term lifetime contract with M-1 and be a part of the company. So people saying thank god he left so he can be in ufc are gonna get a rude awakening. He doesnt want to be there until later because he does not want to be pinned down. I still believe we will see more and more fighters go that route too.

Onto the Fedor Aleks thing:
Fedor himself has said his brother aleks is way more talented but does not focus nor train properly and that has been seen in both ther careers if you look at them side by side in who they fight etc. I think Fedor would take most of their matches if they fought a few times for this exact reason too. Aleks is good but Fedor is just more focused.

why hate M-1?

have you watched any of their events? they have really solid shows

ok I do not hate M-1.... more frustrated with them. They need to become a promotion in their own right or be a bit more open about fighters fighting in other orgs without co-promotion requirements. Other than their smaller shows they try to ride the coattails of the other bigger orgs...

AnthonySullivan -  Definitely.  M-1 is the TOP MMA org.  Easily.

I went to the M-1 event in Kansas City where King Mo barely beat Mark Kerr.  That was a killer event.  I've never seen a better war and higher production values.

that was a good event...their challenger series or whatever it is always solid