Gegard Mousasi vs Alexander Gustafsson

Who takes this match up?


awesome fight but would have to go with mousasi

Good fight but gustafsson is not yet at mousasi level, but pn the way there. Phone Post

I think gustafsson can beat mousasi. cool mu

Gustafsson would maul him - no pun intended.

I like this idea.

Mousasi Phone Post

Good match up, I'd pick Gustafsson Phone Post


That's a great fight...Mousasi Phone Post

Awesome fight and I'm swedish so I'd be rooting for Alex but i dont think he is there just yet. He is still young though!

Ttt Phone Post

Mousasi all day! Phone Post

Mousasi Phone Post

gustafsson is too easy to hit and mousasi has maybe the best defense in the sport. mousasi would light him up.

Gustafson Phone Post

Gustafsson isn't there quite yet, maybe in another year but right now he'd be savaged. Phone Post

gustafsson takes it

he's the larger superior athlete, with good hands and the wrestling to make Mousasi tentative.

mousasi's wrestling is mediocre at best and when hes been taken down repeatedly its affected how open he is with his combinations.

I think Mousasi would win this matchup. But Gustaffson is better all around and can deal with wrestlers 10x better imo