Gegard wants to fight Gustafsson, Shogun, Machida

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DreamMMA -  Anyone want to see him at middleweight? Phone Post

He would definitely breath some new life into the middleweight division. I'd like to see him face Lombard.

Again? Why Phone Post

Mainly because I never saw their first fight and forgot that it had ever happened.

Bisping will be a champion once pigs fly

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He'll get owned by all 3 Phone Post

I can see him beating Shogun and Gus.

Gegard vs Gustafsson

Cavalcante vs Rashad Evans

Barnett vs Mir

Cormier vs JDS

Ovince St Preux vs James Te Huna

Gian Villante vs Kyle Kingsburry

Roger Gracie vs Tim Boetsch

Lorenz Larkin vs Constantinous Phillopou

Luke Rockhold vs Chris Weidman

Jacare vs Winner of Bisping/Belfort

Tim Kennedy vs Mark Munoz

Tarec Saffiedine vs Winner of Condit/Macdonald

GSP vs A. Silva

Pat Healy vs Joe Lauzon

Josh Thompson vs Gray Maynard

KJ Noons vs Melvin Guillard

Jorge Masvidal vs Jim Miller

I dont care who wins. I will watch them ALL

now my fav gif you the UGs enjoyment

Rather see him at middlweight as well. I personally do not think he could ever really get to contender at light heavyweight. But i do think he has a decent chance at middleweight.


Anyways i would love to see him fight Shogun. I personally think that is the fight that would make the most sense at this time.


Machida and Gus are both a spurt to high on the ladder at the moment.


I would also like to see him fight Hendo. I think it would be a good test of his improved wrestling ability (take-down defense). But he would first have to spend some time training in the States (with some good wrestlers). Him fighting sarafine would be interesting as well.


So first and stand up war and then a fight against a good wrestler in the division would be ideal for  personally.

Feed him to Ryan Bader

Bader, Rashad, Chael and Phil Davis all work him. I think he should just train wrestling for a year straight, or just go to K-1. He is an excellent striker.

Wow, that comment got me 3 vote downs!

knuckleballs - Wow, that comment got me 3 vote downs!

Same here, -3

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knuckleballs - Wow, that comment got me 3 vote downs!

Same here, -3

It's probably Delorian or Galanis. Don't criticize Gegard's wrestling 'round 'ere!

"Gegard is a fucking killer."

He didn't kill 3 out of his last 4 opponents and it's not because they were world-beaters.

Those all sound like exciting match ups. Lets make it happen UFC. Phone Post

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knuckleballs - Wow, that comment got me 3 vote downs!

Same here, -3

It's probably Delorian or Galanis. Don't criticize Gegard's wrestling 'round 'ere!

The fuck? How DARE you! Phone Post

gamer - Phil Davis has such amaturish stand up. He doesn't set up his takedowns either and has struggled to take down a lot of his opponents. Mousasi would beat Davis. (Shogun would KO Davis) Especially in 5 rounders. Davis' only hope would be to stall out for 3 rounds and get gifted the win on points because American MMA always favors the wrestler no matter what. Its a ridiculous and biased system

Ryan Bader has no chin and loves to stand up fight. You saw what happened in the Tito Ortiz and Machida fights lol

Rashad has a weak chin too and has never really been that impressive through out his carrer, barring some rare knock outs he has scored on opponents who have under estimated him.

Rashad has 4 slit decsions to sup par to average comp. Split decsions that all could have very well went the other way.

Rashad hasnt always fought the best and he has still struggled to impress

In his biggest wins he fails to impress and is often losing rounds before scoring come from behind wins etc

When Rashad did fight the best, he lost in humilating fashion (Machida)

Just watch how Rashad struggled against Thiago and an over the hill Rampage. I swear Rashad is one of the most over rated "top" fighters out there

And as for Sonnen... Just LOL

Mousasi could beat all of them or he may get dry humped. But they WONT BEAT HIM (I see Shogun kocking out Rashad and Bader in brutal fashion especially)

Oh shit here we go again.....

You look familiar bro? Phone Post