Gen Mark Milley Held secret meetings behind Trump, contact China

If it came out he did this worrying about Biden it’d be about how it’s treason. Instead most of the media is saying see Trump so scary!

From 2015…

China is absolutely the greatest threat to America that exists in the world today. It is just a much different threat than a conventional threat of military domination or even terrorism. It is about their economic power and their growing global reach with their belt and road initiative.


The people defending his actions should be ashamed of themselves and I’m ashamed to call them Americans.


But like all things Republican, your feelings will reverse when the situation does so as well.

At this point they are in a tie with the bipartisan group of dems and repubs that run shit

Is it really too much to expect our military leaders to prioritize the interests of our own country first? Is it really too much to expect them not be so politically motivated that they backdoor channels to our enemies abroad to divulge information that impacts our national security? Is it really too much to expect them to maintain a chain of command?


Who do you think is controlling them?

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I’m not shocked at the replies because literally nothing will make these guys alter from Trump hate. If there was an angle for justifying throwing a child into Niagara Falls that was in support of attacking Trump, they would internalize it and then make arguments for it.

[US or Canadian side?

Lol… you’re such a cock hole… if the rolls were reversed you’d be the 1st poster crying
Although you cry on here all the time so nothing new



Milley sounds like another shitty trump hire.

The best people!

I make fun of you guys all the time, which causes you to cry like you are and then claim I’m the one crying. Sad.

No problem though, it’s almost that time to worry about the national debt again! That should keep you busy.


posted it a few posts above

And there’s nothing that Trump can do that will make his sad supporters wake up and realize, like everyone else did long ago, that the ex-president is an incompetent, corrupt, petulant child that the last person any sane person would want running the country - or, even worse, being a commander-in-chief.

Like the prophetic words of Obama on election eve in '16 “If someone can’t handle a Twitter account they can’t handle the nuclear codes.”

Turns out he was right on both accounts.

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Obama also said Trump would never be President.

Ha! I read your posts and feel sorry for you… how bad does your life have to be to come here. “Only” to troll on political threads?

don’t you wish you had more to your life?

Trust me… if there were any real achievements in your life… you would not post the way you do


Except he handled the football for 4 years… when are you going to realize he isn’t the boogie man you all thought he was.

Lol 4 years…and he’s been gone for 8 months and you’re still worried


They are. They’re still terrified of and obsessed with the guy.

No one said anything about trolling…except you. Trust me, I have plenty in my life, enough to keep me off here more than you anyways.

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