General Semantics, Nietzsche, Zen

I've been looking at General Semantics resources on the internet, and they remind me of an essay written by Fred Nietzsche called "Truth and Lying in an Extramoral Sense," and Zen. Anybody care to comment? I'm out of time....

Geez, nobody?

Are you talking about Korzibski's (sp?) General Semantics? Alan Watts makes references to his material as well as a disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj in a book titles "I AM THAT, YOU ARE NOT".

Pretty interesting stuff.


I have no comments other than to suggest picking up a book by Robert Anton Wilson - Cosmic Trigger or Quantum Psychology come to mind. The latter seems an easier introduction. He intertwines much of Korzybski's teachings along with Zen, Watts, Leary and a whole slew of others into his books. Fantastic fun with a practical element.

Thanks, Geoff, I'll look into it.