General Thoughts on TUF

First off, I am really excited about watching the rest of the episodes. I have stayed away from reality TV for such a long time, that it feels weird watching this.

It seems like the problem with this show is that it is still reality TV. A good deal of the show is about them acting like retards in the house and commenting on every inane little detail. They are also being filmed doing yoga stretches and such. They are also half naked most of the time, which is pretty gay.

It should get more interesting later on, because these guys complain about each other, but they get to settle these problems in the ring.

I also hope that they bring in some good fighters to make appearances. I have a feeling that we're going to see guys like Ken Shamrock giving them sanctimonous lectures.

they need to show more training
they need to stay away from all the in house stuff ,show some , but dont centre all your story lines around it ala big brother , road rules , etc etc

I agree. I think they're under the impression that the big brother stuff is what sells, like Chris Leben acting like a jackass and provoking people.

agree goku ,like tough enough ,that was always my fav thing , and I hate wwe ,

I just think they have a great opt and I hope they can show what the sport is all about along with showing each fighters personality.

they should also so some clips of the best fight in the ufc to show examples of why striking is important , why you need good ground , why cardio is needed, if you show clips like that , it makes people who arnt hardcore like us understand why a takedown is necessary as much as a sprawl is.

Definately. The show is for a general audience, so they need to explain the different aspects of the fight game.

They better have guest appearances. I would love to see guys like Bas and Frank show up to give pointers.

"They are also half naked most of the time, which is pretty gay."

Not only are they half naked in the actual events, but they're doing more than standing in the kitchen making drinks.

I don't know why they feel compelled to stand around shirtless all the time, but I really don't get the "gay" thing.

its an alpha male thing

Being shirtless is Alha Male?

We don't see Couture and Lidell doing much of that, outside of the Octagon.

it was good

As good as a first episode can be. The show will unfold well and people need to be patient.

you people, well some of you people act like youve never been on a freakin wrestling trip or ever been one foot in a dorm or frat house, it wasnt that bad until 78498786476894789764896 posts obsessing over it, christ, dont you realise thats more gay than guys shirtless goofing around being drunk and shit?

"like oh mah god look at that hotty in the cute pink speedo, hes such a big fag, thats gay"

sighs nevermind have fun

I live in Miami and it's f#ckinh HOT !! I'm always shirtless when I'm home and not really concerned if the UG elitists think that it's gay....Not sure where these guys are staying, but maybe it's just hot in that house.

As RICKYB pointed out the shirtless thing is so about who's the alphamale of the house.

They are in Las fucking Vegas, for all we know it´s hot as hell in that
house. Mark Kerr waltzed around shirtless in his house for most of
The Smashing Machine, nobody complained about that.

And exactly how does a bunch of guys walking around bare-chested
constitute "gay"? If anything it´ll boost female viewership, which is
more likely to boost the Nielsen ratings. Anything to get people to
tune in.

And for those who say"more training, less house stuff". It´s the
personal dynamics that make or break a show like this. If successful,
more people will buy the PPV to see whether guy X who was a total tard
to live with will beat guy Y who was such a nice guy and always made
his bed, not just who could do more sit-up´s and such. Sure, the
grueling, multifaceted training MMA requires should be stressed, but it
really doesn´t build personalities. Everyday interactions do.

You can show more training but the show, like all good reality shows, is about the people. It's not a documentary about mma, and you won't create fans by raming knowledge about the fight game down their throats. More people will tune in hoping to see Leben get his ass beat than to see these guys learn how to sprawl or shoot a double leg correctly.

Peeing on something is alpha male.


That's true, I would have liked intros too. But there are 16 fighters, it would take too long.


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