Generic STV Horror films..ehh

Movies like Clowntown, Bastard, the Lumberjack Man and Ghost Razor..these movies made within the last few years but they are simple and beyond genetic..I really wonder how or why these movies get made..more do, how do they turn a profit?they must all be straight to video but then I wonder if anyone is buying or even streaming them thru cable or directv..

Anyone on here enjoy these types of horror movies? The acting is weak, plot's just weird how many of these horror flicks there are..

Btw I found them by scrolling through the horror lists of certain builds on kodi..there are tons of them

I'm watching the Lumberjack Man..up pops Michael Maddsen..

I generally enjoy these types of movies.  Haven’t seen any of these yet. Clowntergeist is on my list to watch and now so is Lumberjack thanks for that. It looks pretty good.