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AS THE COOKIE CRUMBLES ..... The Implosion of Skip Ohlsen ..... Genesis MMA....

It appears that Milton "Skip" Ohlsen has managed to selfdestruct . According to outside sources "Skip" and Genesis MMA are hibernation, if not extinction . There have been 3 shows since September 07' that have been cancelled , not postponed , CANCELLED !!!!! Skip has managed to single handedly implode , his actions as of late are not those of a rational person. As time goes by he has managed to alienate anyone who has ever had faith in him , including his own wife , who filed for divorce 12-11-07 , Skip was apparently subsequently arrested for assaulting his wife as a result . I have also heard from outside sources that Skip "ring of fire" cage was confiscated by the city of St. Charles for, you guessed , once again , not paying his bills . or so I was told.
Now here is a real laugh , Skip petitioned the courts for an order of protection against me 1-16-08 , this request was denied immediately without prejudice and the nonsensical case was dismissed . Skip is obviously grasping at straws in an effort to silence me , Not going to happen. In-fact I will do you one better here is a tip to anyone who reads this post. Get a copy of the River Front Times wed. 1-23-08 . As the saying goes , he who laughs last laughs best , well dear friends I am laughing pretty hard right now. Skip still to this date has not paid my brother nor has made any effort to right this wrong , Skip as it turns out was not paying into unemployment (SUPRISE NOT) insurance , as well as deducting taxes from payroll and failing to pay the withholdings to the IRS or state revenue dept. for the last 2 years at-least. I was also told by an outside source that at his last event he was paying fighters with checks , without adequate funds in his account . It truly is amazing how stupid one person can possibly be , ask yourself , are these the actions of a rational person? Perhaps he might be reverting to his behavior in the mid 90's when he was arrested for four narcotics charges as well as conspiracy to defraud the federal government , could Skip be smoking CRACK ? It appears his judgment is hampered by something , and if he were smoking CRACK it would explain his lack of rational .

For some interesting reading
Use the search for "litigant" enter last name Ohlsen first name Milton . There is some pretty interesting reading there it is worth looking at.

For additional information on Milton "Skip" Ohlsen there is another website I have found quite informative .

Everything I have posted is speculation and the opinion I have come to believe true as a result of intensive investigation of Milton "Skip" Ohlsen . I encourage you do do your own research and form your own opinion, hopefully I have you wondering enough to do some research for yourself and form you own opinion. I personally think he is a dirt bag and wouldn't pi$$ in his mouth if his teeth were on fire , just my opinion.

I wonder what the city is going to do with the cage? Someone could probably get a pretty good deal on it :)

that sucks they had a show or 2 on FSN in my area, i kept lookin for new ones but never saw any, now i know why

Thanks for pointing out the typo .

He'll get it back. Doesn't take much to get your shit back from the city, county or whoever. Plenty of time to do it for him.

Give us more detail on where all of this hostility is coming from?

More details? surly you jest , cut and dry he messed with my family , I am not quoted nor mentioned in the artical . take a look around the internet , you will see ..

Lots of personal stuff going in that situation...most people that know don't want to touch it with a ten foot poll. As far as the public garbage with the show goes it is the same story we have heard a million times with mma... promoter goes to big with am. fighters no less and people didn't get paid. Accept a lot of people are looking bad now because of their connections to the show.
That's the basic story without naming names

"We do not jest. You'll have to go into detail for us to understand." He Screwed my brother , there is a little thing called honor that I happen to believe in .Don't know how you do things where your from but we take care of our own in my world . The last thing i told skip was that he needed to pay my brother , if he doesn't there will be repercussions , well he didn't pay , he put my brother in hot watter with the tax man and screwed others that believed in him. No honor in that my friend . you reap what you sow my friend , and it appears it is harvest time for skip. he was told this was going to happen and he could prevent it,he did noting to right this wrong , so I and some other victims decided to have our day. hope this clarifies things . Skip is not a victim here, he is the predator. And I never claimed to play nice.

Skip has always paid me, my guys, and everyone i have connected him too. Cash, or checks have always cleared. Jason Reinhardt

Take him to court and get your brothers money then. I'm sure your brother was smart enough to get a written contract. Take him to court and get your money. I'm sure Skip will say he doesn't owe him. Meaning two sides of every story. ect... This is why we have courts. Or, go stick him in the liver. 1st choice is more intelligent though. Skip says, he will fight your brother at my next show, in the "The Ring of Smoke"

Jamba, calm the fuck down. We are asking for details, not bashing your ass. If you are going to post a lot of negative shit about a person, fucking tell us what the hell is up. We don't care to go looking around for the info if you are pissed enough to tell it here.

That's all anyone was asking, no one was bashing you for it.

To be clear I never heard of Skip not doing what he promised for fighters

"Take him to court and get your brothers money then. I'm sure your brother was smart enough to get a written contract. Take him to court and get your money. I'm sure Skip will say he doesn't owe him. Meaning two sides of every story. ect... This is why we have courts. Or, go stick him in the liver. 1st choice is more intelligent though. Skip says, he will fight your brother at my next show, in the "The Ring of Smoke" " Well Jason it is a funny thing skip declined to comment on a story that was being published about him , nor has he made any effort to step up to the plate and defend himself .. Care to guess why? possibly because he has no honor to defend? You just go ahead and walk around in a lackadaisical haze, and believe what you want . Keep sporting those blinders Jason they look good on you. They say ignorance is bliss . As far as court goes you can take it to the bank Skip will be spending alotta time there. You gonna sit there and say all those people are making up the fact Skip owes them ? My god man wake the fuck up!! Why doesn't he sue us all for slander then? You wanna know why? because no one is slandering him!!! You need to open your eyes Jason ! And as far as skip fighting my brother , haha , yeah right he won't even answer the phone what makes you think his punk ass is going to go toe to toe ? Skip would run he is no man he is a pussy! The only ring of smoke as far as Skip is concerned is the ring of smoke he is blowing up everyones ass , yep good ol'mr. smoke and mirrors .. unbeleivable that you are still buying into his bullschit .

Rumor has it that skip lost his cage to the Family Arena because he couldn't pay the rent. I don't know for sure, but apparently St. Charles family arena has a nice new cage that is about 30 ft. across.


     Contact Jermaine Andre. (I know I keep bugging you about this...but hey come work some stand-up with us)

Jamba, Was there anywhere in my above comments in which i said, "I did not believe you" I said, I'm sure your brother was smart enough to have a contract signed as any half way intelligent business man would do. Chill my friend. If no contract, you can still go to court, but there's a high percentage of a chance you will lose. Sometimes, in business, you count your loses and move on. You know how many people have and do owe me money, in which i will never see. A personal friend of 15 years, owes me $4000. Will i ever see it. No. The best part about someone owing you money, is you never have to talk or deal with those people again. I don't have my head up Skips ass. LOL. I consider Skip a friend, and there's always two sides of every story. It's none of my business, except you and your bother keep messaging me, telling me about this drama. What am i suppose to do about it? I am just a commentator for Genesis. Jason Reinhardt

Jason, cry a little tear for them bro.


Read that article, guy sounds like a piece of shit. I had a promoter friend that was that way for pro wrestling. He fucked over everyone but me. It was a weird thing. Then after a couple of years, I was added to the fucked over list.

stillgetcarded, I would like to come train with you guys sometime. I have been spending a lot of time trying to build and grow my Academy, and waiting for the date of my next UFC fight, while still training, staying in shape, and promoting some MMA shows. You guys know, i have the uptmost respect for Jermaine Andre, and always have. thank you for the invite. Much Respect. Jason Reinhardt

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skip has caught you making posts under different names like on sherdog, ect.. ect.. he's hired a private investigator, and got your ip address, and they are watching you as we speak. this whole thing is none of my business, but skip is filing a suit against you bro. i wouldn't post anymore negative shit, and you need to retract what you wrote on sherdog. skip has money to bury people. you know this. you need to pick your battles wisely. i'm just keeping it real. i guess your on disability, and i've seen people lose their disability check for stuff like this...defamation of character ect... you need your disability check to eat, ect... Just call skip and work it out. He probably won't talk to you now. you will probably have to deal with the states attorney, or the disabilty board of directors?? those were some pretty serious allegations you made about Skip. Skip Olson has helped and donated thousands and thousands of dollars to help homeless people, and charity evnets. He's a good man. i don't know what's goign on with you, your brother, your sisters brother, your aunt, and your baby momma's child. I have no idea bro. It's none of my business. i will help you if i can. Was their recently a UFO above your house spying on you?? Or did you report such a thing. I was wondering, because this is what is being told to me. There's hidden camera's everywhere and Skip has the sole patent on all of them. Genesis UFO's are no joke bro. They see everything!!!! So, i wouldn't work if your on disabilty bro. That's against the governments policy. Right? I'm just on video. I'm trying to be a friend. Peace.

so that wasn't you jason? you really should be more careful what you put into text . there are ppl who save this crap.