Genetics, being cool and doing something interesting are much more important than just money now

It used to be that money and wealth was important. Like those rich families. But I think it’s not anymore.

Everyone is pretty much equal nowadays. If you are a normal working person, your life is not that much different than say a millionaire. That millionaire still uses the same iPhone, the same Mac, maybe a better car, but an average car nowadays is really good. You can afford a nice steak, vacation, hobbies. I think things are not a problem now.

But you can’t buy having super genetics, being desirable and healthy.

Take women, they don’t give a fuck how much you earn now. They work, they make money, often times more than men do. So how do you attract attention? Genetics!

What matters now is genetics and having a great social circle. You can’t buy either. But also doing something cool. Having a cool job, something that is unattainable like being an F-22 pilot, having a very popular start-up or something like that.

Genetics is the highest valued currency right now in the world of connected social media where you are the product, money does not matter. You can get money very quickly and easily if you have genetics.

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Would you say the Lemur has the ideal genetic build?

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I agree.

When I was growing up my parents never had a conversation with me about who I would have kids with and how there genes could affect things. But my own sons have heard me talk about how great tall women are and how they can also pass along tall genes.

Maybe white women are ahead of the curve and that’s why they chase pro athletes?

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I never understood dudes wanting to attract women with money. Aside from the fact that it’s prostitution by another name, you can’t purchase desire, that look in the eyes when she wants to feel you inside her…primal shit that money doesn’t purchase…

But in short, your 100% right. If money was so great, there would’ve been a line around the block of women wanting to see the Steve Jobs movies. Instead there was a line around the block to see Magic Mike.

I don’t know your age, but I’m 40 and I’m convinced the generation before me just ran on autopilot without giving much thought to the hows and whys of life.


Based on thread title alone you sound like a poor who thinks he’s pretty.

Is that another one of Homeslice’s accounts?

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I’m 36. Are you saying they had it easy?


my parents provided a great childhood for me; but they were pretty much status quo across the board. They never questioned anything and “experts” were to be taken at their word.

For better or for worse, my kids question everything.
Its terrible when your 9 year old calls you out on you own hypocrisies.

It’s always been about genetics. Real wealth is passed down the family line for hundreds of years. Look at the background of most athletes in the NFL/MLB/NBA and you will see they had family members playing at least collegiate ball.

I also agree that money is losing its meaning and that’s mainly because everyone can afford or at least lease/rent cool stuff or experiences. See the recent $1400 check and subsequent spirit airlines urban attraction videos.


Economic capitalism creates sexual socialism…Economic socialism creates sexual capitalism…