Do you ever think about your genetics and whether you have done enough with whatever gifts you have?

I still don’t know why God gave me these amazing calves. They are so large and sculpted and I’ve never bothered to train them specifically at all. They are not just large like some fat ogres calves but very defined and perfect. I suspect they are related to my shin splint issues actually.

In a perfect world I would have been born with a high IQ or have some great talent or athletic gifts but nope, all I got is these perfectly incredible calves. With a return to training I could probably have shoulders to rival say a Yoel Romero but thats all I got really.

Why did God have to give me nothing in terms of gifts but these damn calves? What exactly does he want me to do with them?


As an OGer sitting on $50m in cash, four exotic cars in my garage, multiple boats, wife and several concubine, and somewhat undersized 10” long 6” thick hog, I do wish I was blessed with better calves, yes. One day I’ll figure out the gifts god gave me…


I definitely hit at the high end of my intelligence levels. I’m not super smart by any stretch but my job definitely challenges me a lot.

Flipping burgers ain’t as easy as you think!


The world needs good burgers.

You just need to realize your calves are enough. In fact, they are plenty more.

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Sometimes I listen to some smart person discuss scientific stuff on Lex Fridman’s podcast and I’ll be like “what, I don’t understand, God, why did you make me so dumb”! Then I’ll flex and a glance down at my calves to comfort myself.


The higher your IQ, in general, the unhappier you become.


Happy Kamala Harris GIF by The Democrats

probably trim them down until your ankles are visible op.



Why do morbidly obese dudes always rave about their calves?

If we all strapped 150 lbs to our chests and walked around for years like that we’d all have big calves… but our calves would be better because they wouldn’t be marbled with lard.

Congrats on your consolation prize… but you’re still morbidly obese.

Go to the gym, clean up your diet. Give up those cankles and trade them in for some visible abs.

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For what I received in the genetic lottery, I’ve overachieved with timing, luck, and determination.

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Excuse me Jamie, I’ll have you know I’ve received compliments on my physique since I was a muscular and JACKED young teenager. The calves were always perfect.

I’m sorry your calves just don’t cut it. Hang in there, I bet you have a better 5k time than most around here, you can hang your hat on that bro.

i dont have calves. it’s all just thigh.

How much do you weigh?

Will sasso spent almost his entire adult life weighing north of 300 lb, and a big part of it weighing over 400 lbs. Great he’s lost some weight now, @BJ_Penn_Forever maybe you should follow his lead.

Here’s a nice genetics thing for your thoughts…

My second cousin (she’s aunt in Italian world) did the 23 and me and her shit came back that she had a different father… Her mom had an affair when she was a waitress and she died with that secret but went through the time line and looking at pictures and she doesn’t have the same features like her sister and brother…

How’s that for a mind fuck

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Whatever you have done with what you were given is also genetics. Genetics also play a role in personality traits bro.

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The personality traits is from the way your parents bring you up, so… Yeah that’s true in a way