Genki/Butterbean...Info PLEASE!

WTF happened?! I saw the picture of Genki trying to roll Butterbean's big-fat-elephant leg into a hell-hook, but I didn't think he sank it!

Does anyone have a play-by-play? How did the 1st round go? How'd it go to the ground?



160 views and no one saw it?!

Sounds like a hell of a fight.



Where can you buy a DVD/Video of this event?

No where for a while (legally anyway...)

Photos HereSudo was never really in any trouble. The flying kick was hilarious.

Gren, you really want to know about this fifht.I do nono know you can understand my sutupid english but i try.

first round, sudo kept distance by going round butter and dancing.Sudo kicks at Butter's nee by front kicks.It worked to keep disutance and slow butter down.So butter did not do anyting.At a muniutets left,Sudo tackeled.hodl butters foot and took him down.Butter knew a gurd position,Sudo could not punch buteer because of his he hold butters seemed very easy for Sudo.Lucky for butter,bell saved him.
Second round
same as firts round.sudo kept hit and away,but suddunly sudo jumpint and try to butter by his knee.Buteer use cross hand gurd and took sudo down,tried to move mount position,but sudo holded butters foot.easy heel hold.Butter tapped out.

First Round:

Second Round:Sudo Flying kick
Butter Strikes Back

Second Flying Knee
Butter took Sudo down

Sudo Second Heel Hold


thanks for the pictures


mobley- Thanks a ton man. And thanks to Joey Crawford for posting those pics. And by the way, your English is fine. A lot better then my Japanese LOL!

How was the Sapp/Sumo match?

sudo is the man!