Genki Sudo Highlight: Where?

Where can I find the footage of Genki at the Westside Submission Tournament? Can anyone post a link?

I have checked, and cannot find the correct highlight I am thinking of. It is like 9 matches at the Westside Submission Tournament. Genki is schooling all those guys in the clip. I can not find the highlight I am looking for.

Post a link please.

You post a link. Must be a member.


i accidentaly deleted a file the other week and it must of been that one... anyways i fixed it and its back in the tournament highlights..

Do not ask, "where is the Genki Sudo highlight", you must only accept the truth--there is no Genki Sudo highlight.

Just found this link off of the UG. Not THE highlight video, but shows some funny dance moves and other assorted tom foolery.

I checked subfighter a couple months ago and I think that it was gone. Couldn't find it anywhere.

Check subfighter under "Newest Downloads"

It's there

Thanks Koma!! Great highlight...


TTT for NeckCrankr. Thanks.