genki sudo,,if you dont like him you're an a-hole!

can I get an amen!

bluenamer please


thanks ben

haha I edited my thread title :P

best thread ever.

that was actually the boring highlight

Kahn has the best highlight

actually I posted a different one, in editing

bnamer? hehe

i like the idea of him more than i like him...

jk, he's a monster that was before his time.

Which TUF was he on?

thanks ohfer!

lol jody...

but check this out!

and how can we forget this...

we are love and everything!

He stays busy these days teaching wrestling, writing books and making TV appearances, but I would like to see him as the figurehead for a show like DREAM or Sengoku, kind of like how they'd march Takada out to do ceremonial stuff for PRIDE

K-Dub-"T" -  Genki is a noob separating life force.


if this thread doesn't get 100 responses, it just shows that the UG is filled with a bunch of noob UFC assfuckers

Genki Sudo is the MAN!

And i almost forgot, AMEN! HA=Le-LU-Yay

We Are All One.

Even the assholes.