Genki Sudo,Indian?(pics)

that looks more like African rather than Indian.

also last picture is classic. im saving it.


Cool, Thanks for the pics.

"that looks more like African rather than Indian."

Maybe he is African American Indian?

African American Indian Neo Samurai.

I gotta see this event...and soon dammit.

Amazing pics




Great pics.

awesome shorts on sudo.

anybody else notice the wicked mullet no the ref?

Genki seems cool as hell.....


Genki is bowing to Royler out of respect to his opponent.

Genki matches the ring.

Sudo rawks.

Many of his entrances have had a shamanistic theme..

It looks like Genki is bowing out of respect to his dead opponent. That is what a Japanese does to a dead man. Namu-amida-butsu.

The last pic where he bowing should have a OWN3D tag