Genki Sudo is the man

Genki Sudo is one of the most entertaining fighters and I have so much respect for him. He is the best showman ever and I get inspired each time I see him. Genki Sudo is da man!

yeah,..I'll agree..

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Genki is indeed da man

The UFC are a bunch of boneheads for putting him on the dark matches

Yup. Easily one of the best guys out there. Always a showman, usually the winner, and he's all heart.

Any rumors for his next fight? Is it K-1? Against BJ?


watching the Bang vs. sudo fight made me ashamed to be an american

the ufc should definately have him back. on the next card even. and DURING the live ppv, not before they go live.

i would love to do entrances like his, but then everyone would think im copying off of him. im sure i can think of some entertaining entrances though.

sucks if you have a great/funny entrance, like in a full clown suit, then end up getting your ass handed to you in 30 seconds, lol

Sudo vs. Yves/Hermes/BJ/Gomi/Jens/Shaolin/Hansen/Clementi/Chonan/Buscape/Uno

so many amazing matchups for him. what's the deal?

So that means that Bang is the man that beat the man. and that Bj is the man that beat the man that beat the man. So really Bj is the man. Quick some one call Apollo.

Genki is soooo the man.

Nice bignightmare!

YEs, I think a call to Apollo is in order....

Anyone see any highlights of Genki? There is this bad-ass intro where he comes out in a baseball outfit accompanied by cheerleaders, he even has a choreographed dance! The coolest thing eva!

i want to see Genki vs. BJ Penn !!! Somebody make this fight happen.....

Your right,Genki is the man. We get done breaking each others face and then he give me his own Shirt, not to many people would do that huh? He is a crowd pleaser for sure too.

"We are all ONE."

I have a lot of respect for Mr. Sudo.

I don't think Genki could possibly ever get knocked out of my top 5 fighters of all-time. Even if he came out and said "Aaron, your mother gives great bj's and your sister is a hoe and I kicked your dog" I'd be like "Ahahaha, good ol' Genki, I knew my sister was a hoe anyway"

The UFC offered the rematch but Genki turned it down for unknown reasons. K-1 would not let us fight in K-1 rules either. Genki and I have no bad blood at all, we talk a little and were always polite to one another when we meet up.

A rematch with BANG needs to happen! BANG got his ass rescued the first time.

"watching the Bang vs. sudo fight made me ashamed to be an american"

Then your patriotism never had any substance in the first place. LOL @ statements like that.

BJ, Bang and Sudo are all in K-1 now.